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Document Scanning

Document Scanning

document scanning, document management, document imaging
"the conversion of documents to digital images to allow access via an electronic document management system or to simply save space"

Whether you need to keep an electronic image of a document for safe keeping, want to improve efficiency by making imaged documents available at the click of a button, or just save on storage, Ndata can help.

We can scan books, invoices, plans, orders, student enrollments, application forms, HR files, microfiche, microfilm, and probably anything else you may have. Paper can be from business card size up to A0 planning drawings and micro-form can be any of the popular sizes including Hollerith.

The resultant images (provided as either an industry standard tif or pdf document) are typically named as per the original document, providing for easy alphanumeric searching.

However, we can also add key fields or indeed the entire contents of each page as an index to make your data even more accessible, making the task of retrieving data a simple case of entering the relevant keywords.

Capturing the document and keeping it safe

Ndata's document scanning system is built for production. Using the latest high-speed scanners and leading software technology.

Images are produced according to the needs of our clients, optimising their size to minimise storage overheads and maximise the efficiency of any electronic document management system they might become part of, but never letting the quality of the resultant image slip.

If you already have a document management system we can produce images and index data in a format to load directly into it.

Data Capture

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electronic Document Management?

EDM is the system of storing digital images of important documents for retrieval on a computer.

What benefits will Electronic Document Management bring?

Instant access to information, simple distribution, space saving & security.

We can help with imaging of

Accuracy is at the centre of everything we do

Accuracy is at the centre of everything we do

Ultimately data can be an organisation’s greatest asset but what if it’s accuracy is flawed? That asset could be of little value or worse still deemed useless.

That’s why getting its capture right in the first place is fundamental.


Speed of Capture

Speed of Capture

Of course it's not just about accuracy, sometimes the speed of capture is important as was the case when we helped the Disasters Emergency Committee, capture over 300,000 donations in 8 weeks to help the victims of the Asian Tsunami back in 2004


Security of Data

Security of Data

And what about the security of the data we handle? As you’d expect we take this very seriously, our premises boast top level security; all of our staff are DBS cleared and our document and data handling procedures exceed ISO27001 standards.