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Case Studies

Here you can take a look at a selection of projects illustrating the range of work carried out by Ndata.

Recording the Publics Generosity

Disasters & Emergency Committee
Audio Transcription

Key Statistics

Number of Recordings
Number of Staff Involved

The Disasters and Emergency Committee are responsible for managing the response of the UK to appeals for donations. Usually this entails organising call centres to receive live calls from those wishing to make a pledge but when the Asian Tsunami struck the response from the general public was unprecedented. The Boxing Day timing of the crisis also meant that most call centres were closed and those that were operational were quickly overwhelmed. Quick action was required to ensure suffering was minimised.

ndata was immediately ready to assist with processing the overflow and IVR equipment was utilised to record each donor's name, address and credit card information. Bespoke audio transcription data entry formats were written with comprehensive validation of data fields including PAF for addresses and algorithm checks for credit card details.

For security, every recording was split before transcription so that credit card information could not be tied to name and address. This process also added to data entry efficiency as individual transcribers were allocated a batch of recordings containing for example only forenames or only credit card numbers. After data entry, the individual elements of each originating recording were collated and the data sent daily by secure ftp to the client.

Fifty specialists in audio transcription worked for two months to transcribe the huge recorded response allowing The Disasters and Emergency Committee to collect donations from over 300,000 donors.  

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