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Case Studies

Here you can take a look at a selection of projects illustrating the range of work carried out by Ndata.

Capturing at a Healthy Rate

BUPA Care Homes
Data Capture

Key Statistics

Surveys Processed
40,000 double sided
Daily Throughput

As one of the country's leading care home providers, BUPA Care Homes invests considerable time to ensure that the services that it provides meet with the requirements of its customers. For one study a questionnaire was produced and circulated to care homes to provide an opportunity to assess the needs of residents.

The form had originally been designed to be processed by firstly scanning the document, then feeding the images to automated data capture software to read the check boxes. Other parts of the form were verbatim and would require traditional keyboard entry.

For previous studies BUPA Care Homes had used their own staff to manually scan and validate the forms. This was a time consuming option since the numbers of staff available was limited, as was the management time allocated to oversee the project. The technology available was also limited, slowing the process further.

ndata offered a solution to this process which relieved BUPA Care Homes of the cost of hiring, training and managing temporary staff, which was the other option they had considered. 40,000 double- sided forms were scanned and check boxes read automatically. Manual keying from the images captured the verbatim comments and dedicated quality control staff using human intuition interpreted ambiguities. The resulting data file was presented to BUPA Care Homes for more quickly than would otherwise have been possible.

We can save you money, too. If you ask us to assist with the form design we can often reduce the labour costs of the qc stage by designing the form to be more "auto-capture friendly" thus reducing the manual intervention and increasing potential accuracy.

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